Editorial: Best choice for Canada is Scheer

October 19, 2019


POSTMEDIA NEWTORK Updated: October 18, 2019 

This is a national Postmedia Network editorial

Canadians need a competent, stable government in a time of global uncertainty, a government focused on sound management of our domestic and foreign affairs. That’s why we encourage voters to elect a majority Conservative government on Monday, Oct. 21.

Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are the only choice for those Canadians who understand that Canada today requires responsible, pragmatic leadership, and oppose the fiscally irresponsible politics of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

The Conservative platform is a reasonable and practical document to help Canadians struggling to make ends meet, while keeping public spending affordable. The Conservatives have also vowed to end the Liberals’ divisive approach to national affairs, which has revived the long-dormant discord between east and west. And they are committed to returning much-needed probity to a country whose foreign forays have too often had embarrassing results.

And there is Scheer himself. In contrast to Trudeau, he is a man for whom what you see is what you get. He was a well-respected speaker of the House, and he and his party are promising a return to quiet competence and a focus on management of a complex country.

No leader is perfect, and no platform beyond criticism. But after the missteps of the last four years, polls clearly suggest Canadians are unconvinced that Trudeau’s Liberals have earned re-election. Those reservations are well-founded. The Liberals and Trudeau presented themselves as one thing, and have been shown to be something entirely different.

Trudeau has a weakness for sweeping declarations that overlook the difficulty of the details. His grand promises for reconciliation with Indigenous Canadians and electoral reform were both scuttled for expediency, as were his claims of fiscal responsibility. “We will balance that budget in 2019,” he promised four years ago. He didn’t. This time around the Liberals are instead promising to add another $90 billion – at least – in debt.

Trudeau himself has twice been found guilty of violating ethics laws, most disturbingly in the circumstances surrounding the SNC-Lavalin affair. While trying to smear his opponents as intolerant, Trudeau was found to have a history of appearing in racist blackface photos. He has attacked Conservatives for being unserious about climate change, while his own government has fallen short of its own carbon-reduction goals.

Trudeau was given his chance and has left millions of Canadians disappointed and disillusioned. This time, Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives are the right choice for Canada.